Frequently Asked Questions
Important: Commonly Asked Questions you Should Read

How much is the subscription fee?
There is no subscription fee. It is a one off payment for the templates.

How will my information be used?
It won’t be used – Your information will not be used whatsoever without your permission. Your email address will not be sold or spammed.

Is there a trial for this that I can use before purchasing it?
There is no trial. We offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Is it searchable by keywords?
Yes – you can use the Ctrl F function in MS Word to search for keywords in your Procedure Manual.

Will I get on a spam list?
No – You will not be spammed whatsoever. However – we may email you our regular newsletter. You can ‘Opt Out’ of this at anytime with no questions asked. We use Mail Chimp Email marketing.

Will I be the victim of identity theft?
No – Paypal provides a 100% secure system to perform the transaction.

Will the purchase arrive undamaged and on time?
Yes – You will receive the download page link immediately after paying for the document. However, occasionally Paypal does not deliver the download link. We recommend the latest version of Internet Explorer for payment. Should you not receive the download link – please contact us immediately.

Will I actually get what I ordered?
Yes – We promise to deliver the document to you and stand by this promise with a 30 day 100% refund policy. Further to this, Paypal guarantees your transaction.

Will unexpected fine print charges be added to my order without my knowledge?
No – There are no further charges. You have the right to use the document to your desires. There is no monthly fee or hidden charges. What you see above is the only and final fee.

Will anyone respond if I have a problem after buying?
Yes – However, there may be a delay in our response. Depending on your country time zone, we will respond as soon as we can. Please note, we strive to respond to your requests within the shortest possible time.

How many pages is the document?
The Procedure Manual Template is a 57 page document. The other documents vary. Refer to the chart on the sales page for the page lengths of each individual document.

Will it be easy to dispute or cancel my transaction?
Yes – If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your money 100%. However, we would love some feedback from you so we can improve our product should you believe it could be better.

If you have any further questions please contact us using the Help & Support page. Click Here.